mercredi, avril 15

Urban myth...

What a great Idea...

Outside the England´s Bristol Zoo there is a parking area for 150 cars and 8 buses.
For 25 years, a very nice clerk was in charge of collecting the parking fees, corresponding to US$1.40 for cars and US$7.00 for buses.

One day, after 25 solid years of work every single day, he simply didn’t appear. Zoo Administration, then, called City Hall and asked for a new clerk. City Hall answered that the Zoo parking lot was Zoo responsibility.

Zoo Administration said the clerk was a City Hall employee.

City Hall said then that clerk was never in their payment roll.

Meanwhile, very well set on his beautiful house on Spain coast (or something like that), there is a guy who, apparently, installed the paying machine by himself and was there every day, collecting the parking fees, evaluated around US$560 a day… for 23 years!!

Considering he used to work 7 days a week, he got around US$7 million. And nobody knows even his name… Urban legend?

Urban legend? Maybe.

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